Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did you say "out of"?

I guess it is time for me to concede my battle against "out of" to the all-powerful "usage" rule.

In his column of March 21 in the Toronto Star, James Travers wrote, "... decision to pay executive bonuses out of a bailout."

The word "from" should replace "out of".

I heard the same term on the news tonight: "The last workers walked out of the building today." A better form would be: "The last workers left the building today."

"Out of" can always be replaced with a better choice of words. Unfortunately, "out of" has become acceptable everywhere. I have just finished reading a very good novel, and the author used "out of" many times.

It is especially discouraging to find myself making this terrible grammar mistake as well! Usage has won the battle!

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