Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Song for Music Class: Michael Finnegan

"Michael Finnegan", a traditional Irish song, is a neat song to teach your grade one class. We didn't have room for the following version in our primary book, "The Key to Your Primary Music Program", although a different version is included in our second book, "The Key to Your Junior Music Program".

Children love this song for a variety of reasons. First, the lyrics appeal to the grade one sense of humour! The melody and rhythm patterns are very pleasing and children learn the song easily.

This song is perfect for practising echo clapping and learning to write and clap blank rhythms.

I also transposed the song into the key of C so that the class could play it on the glockenspiel. They loved that activity!

The students will love returning to this song in grades two and three after learning it in grade one.

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Michael Finnegan